An AAAA record is an IP address in the newly introduced IPv6 format and it consists of eight sets of hexadecimal numbers, unlike the IPv4 IPs, which feature 4 groups of digits in between 1 and 255. An example of an IPv6 address is 3014:0d43:23a3:2354:1320:8f3b:2635:3254 and in this format the number of IPs that may be created is many times bigger than the number of the IPv4 addresses. Each and every domain has its web hosting server IP as a record and in essence, this unique record instructs the domain name where the Internet site for it can be found. Depending on the system which the service provider employs, the record is going to be called A (IPv4) or AAAA (IPv6). Changing this record enables you to host your site with one company and your emails with a different one, so if you choose to use this type of redirection to point a domain to a server that uses an IPv6 address, you'll have to set up an AAAA record for it.
AAAA Records in Hosting
If you wish to use a domain name or a subdomain which you have inside a hosting account on our end for any third-party service and you need to set up an AAAA record for that, it won't take you more than just a few mouse clicks to do that by using our amazing, though easy-to-use Hepsia CP. Once you visit the DNS Records section and click on the Create a New Record button, a little pop-up will appear. This is the area where you could set up any DNS record, so you only have to choose the needed domain address or subdomain and the type of record via drop-down menus and enter the IPv6 address, that’s the actual record. If you happen to have no experience with such matters, you'll not have any difficulties as Hepsia is very intuitive and the new AAAA record is going to propagate within the hour, so that you can start using your domain/subdomain with the other company. Provided they require it, you are also going to be able to change the Time To Live (TTL) value for the record, outlining how long it is going to stay active in the global DNS system after you edit it or remove it.
AAAA Records in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you have a semi-dedicated server account from our company and you have to create an AAAA record for a domain address you have hosted in it or a subdomain you've set up, it will take you just a few clicks in the Hepsia Control Panel to do that. Even if you have never had a web hosting account before, you'll not experience any problems since you will use a very simple and intuitive interface. All of the DNS records for your domain names are going to be listed in a section of the Control Panel with the same name, so as soon as you go there, you will notice all records that have been set up automatically or manually and you'll be able to create a new one by clicking on the corresponding button. A compact pop-up will appear, so with only a couple of mouse clicks you can pick the type of record that you need and for which Internet domain or subdomain it will be set up. Then, just paste the IPv6 address in a text box, save the change and an hour later the new AAAA record is going to be completely live. As an optional setting, you can select how long this record is going to be working after you modify it or erase it in the future. This is the so-called TTL, or Time To Live value of the record, which you can modify from the default 3600 seconds if the other service provider demands it.